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Foot problems are common in people with diabetes due to the high risk of nerve damage associated with inadequate blood supply to the feet.

Created specifically for the medical market, and developed in consultation with expert clinical advisors, Paladin’s premium range of socks provide outstanding preventative and protective features.

They are designed to:

  • Reduce friction, shear and pressure
  • Provide effective temperature and moisture management
  • Offer resistance against compression
  • Assist in providing a bacteriostatic environment
  • Adapt to the individual shape of the foot
  • Offer safe, warm, non-constrictive hosiery
  • Provide an important protective interface between the shoe and the skin

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Product Range

LifestyleMed, Everyday Anywhere
BaseMed.Women, Business and Casual
BaseMed.Men, Business and Casual
AirborneMed, Quarter Sport and Play
ProtectiveMed, Adventure and Outdoor



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