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Why is it necessary for people with diabetes to have good quality
socks and shoes?

New Zealand-diabetes specialist Podiatrists have worked closely with Paladin in the development of the Therapeutic Socks. They understand the emphasis Neuropathy (nerve damage) symptoms include:They understand the emphasis that needs to be placed on preventative strategies, such as offering optimal protection and prescribing high quality natural materials to improve the quality of life of their patients. Attention to foot care is recognised as one of the most important preventative factors.

Diabetes – related foot problems
Neuropathy (nerve damage) symptoms include:

  • Loss of sensation in feet (numbness)
  • Tingling or burning sensations
  • Pins and needles sensation in feet
  • Stabbing or sharp shooting pains in feet
  • Inability to detect surface differences between hot and cold temperatures
  • Inability to detect differences in surface textures when walking barefoot
  • Inability to detect minor injuries to feet such as blisters or burns to skin
  • Dry, cracked skin with loss of sweat gland function

Peripheral arterial disease (circulation problems) signs & symptoms include:

  • Poor blood flow, weak or absent pulses
  • Skin appears pale, cold, dry, hairless
  • Wounds sometimes painful and slow to heal
  • Cramping calf pain, gradual and consistent, relieved by standing still and ceasing exercise
  • Cramping calf pain usually affecting one leg only, triggered by exercise

National and international evidence-based scientific literature and diabetes guidelines clearly comment on the essential requirement of protective footwear hosiery. Appropriate, well-fitting shoes and socks play a significant role in the prevention of diabetes-related foot complications.

The safer the feet are inside protective, well fitting socks and shoes, the less likely they are to be injured. Complications such as slow-healing wounds and foot ulcers are then less likely to develop.

The importance of wearing high-quality socks cannot be over-emphasised. Socks provide an important protective interface between the abrasive surfaces of the inside of the shoe and the skin. Socks are essential to protect the skin from the traumas of friction and shear stresses inside the shoe while walking, and to protect the skin from fluctuations in temperature that can cause chilling or thermal burns associated with friction.

Paladin solutions to common foot problems

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