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The name Paladin means:
- a champion : someone who fights for a cause
- holy knight with the ability to heal by touch

With the increasing incidence of diabetes and the associated foot complications, Paladin Research is committed to provide distinctive design-led solutions that will help create benefits for both the medical and the health and well being markets.

We believe in our products and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits.

Our mission:
• Identifying specific health conditions which may be alleviated by the wearing of suitable items of clothing.

• Finding solutions by the design of protective and preventative products which also look good and feel good.

We are committed to:
• Bringing both substance and integrity to our designs by employing the expert advice and knowledge of leading health professionals.

• Incorporating this expertise with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology available to us.

We gladly support environmentally sound practices and local and national industries by:
• Embracing natural over synthetic

• Sourcing the finest yarn from world leading, reputable companies

• Aligning with well-established N.Z. manufacturers to produce the exacting standards to satisfy our specifications.


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