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The sock is one of the last items of clothing to undergo a revolutionary change in design.  Paladin Research, in consultation with expert clinical advisors, has designed a range of socks using advanced technology and incorporating a unique combination of natural fibres.

Paladin’s premium range of socks deliver outstanding preventative and protective features designed to:

  • Reduce friction and pressure
  • Effectively manage temperature and moisture
  • Inhibit bacteria growth
  • Offer warm, non-constrictive comfort
  • Adapt to the individual shape of the foot
  • Provide an important protective interface between the    shoe and the skins

The Paladin Elastic Support System (ESS)

Our trademarked Elastic Support System (ESS) locks the sock onto the foot and the lower leg with minimal compression, providing support particularly under the plantar arch region.

By fitting snugly to the skin, this sock works to maintain regular skin temperature, thus avoiding fluctuations that may cause chilling or vasoconstriction.

Elastics: Elasticity is defined as the ability of a stretched fibre to return to its original size. In the Paladin therapeutic sock we employ the highest quality elastics available to provide stretch and recovery.

Elastic Support System ensures:

  • a snug, customised fit
  • no bunching or ride-down
  • reduce friction & shear forces

The illustrated red areas indicate the strategic knitting of the ESS throughout the sock.




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